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Apple Knight

About Apple Knight

The playing rules of Apple Knight

Apple Knight is an engaging adventure game offering many game modes and levels. As a brave hero, you must collect gems and defeat the evil wizard.

Start exciting adventures

Like Pizza Tower, this game also has an attractive story behind it. The story starts when your kingdom is attacked and occupied by an evil wizard. To save the kingdom, you, who are a brave hero, decide to start a new adventure. The target of this adventure is to find the evil wizard and kill him. During the adventure, you need to fight against the subordinates of this wizard such as warriors, bats, and evil wizards. The warriors and evil wizards will attack you when you stand in front of them. However, the bats will actively chase and attack you. You must kill them to claim many coins and gems. Besides, you also need to collect as many apples, coins, treasure chests, and hearts as possible. There are many checkpoints along the way, but you must light the campfire to activate them. After collecting all valuable items on the map, you can find the exit way to complete the level.

In the shop, you can use the coins you earn to buy new characters and stronger weapons. In addition, the coins can be used to unlock new abilities of your character.

How to control

Press a Z key to jump.

Press a Z key twice for a double jump.

Press an X key to attack.

Press a C key to throw apples.

Press a V key to dash.

Press the arrow keys to move.

The game modes and levels in Apple Knight

Playable game modes

There are two game modes which are Story Mode and Endless Mode in this game.

  • Story Mode: In this mode, you will be engaged with a rescue plan to protect your kingdom from the evil wizard. You will traverse 4 maps. Each map has 10 levels. You must complete 40 levels, which is identical to Slope Ball. Try your best to win all levels and defeat the evil wizard.
  • Endless Adventure Mode: In this mode, you join an endless adventure in which the level is chosen at random. You must accomplish as many levels as possible to gain the highest possible score.

All levels of difficulty

After choosing the game modes, you can choose the level of difficulty. There are 4 levels of difficulty. You can choose one of them to play.

  • Story: If you choose this level of difficulty, you will see 2 checkpoints along the way. Moreover, you can revive unlimited times after being killed by monsters or crashing into obstacles. Moreover, the power of all bosses will be reduced by 30%.
  • Casual: This level of difficulty also has 2 checkpoints along the way. However, you have only 3 lives. The power of all bosses also decreases by 20%. The loot you claim will be doubled.
  • Hard: There is no checkpoint in the Hard level. Additionally, you have a life. Nonetheless, the loot will be multiplied 2.5 times.
  • Ultra Hard: The Ultra Hard level is only suitable for skillful players because there is no checkpoint and no chance for you to revive. However, the loot will be multiplied 3 times.