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Geometry Dash CastleMania

About Geometry Dash CastleMania

The gameplay of Geometry Dash CastleMania

Welcome to Geometry Dash CastleMania which is an adventure game featuring a medium demon difficulty. Explore the mysterious castle and defeat bosses.

Traverse different maps

This game takes you to a mysterious castle in which many dangerous traps and aggressive monsters are waiting for you. You must jump as high as possible or fly up or down to evade the obstacles in the castle. Remember that the castle has many areas. You will start from the Main Hall and then go to Sinking Sewers, Prisons, Abandoned Cells, Crystal Caves, Catacombs, and Deepest Depths/ Next, your destinations will be White Church, Dark Church, Attic, Battlement, Hidden Pipeways, Garden, and Towers. Ultimately, you will traverse Haunted Hall, Clocktower, Library, Painting Alley, and Exterior Path. Note that each area has a distinct series of obstacles. You should utilize jumping rings or pads to avoid crashing them.

Fight against bosses

Besides obstacles, you also need to take caution with bosses in the castle.

  • Ossgus - Dead Guard: You will meet this boss in the Prison.
  • Altus - Fallen Prince: You need to encounter this boss when visiting the Deepest Depths. You must be careful with his lasers and skulls.
  • Death - The Last Reaper: This boss appears in the Clocktower. You must take caution with his Scythe because he will spin it to attack you.
  • Charta - Hollowed Tome: In the Painting Alley, this boss will emerge and throw fire, green fireballs, and blocks at you. If you want to unlock the Library Path, you must defeat him.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to jump.

Developer and release date

This game is a 2.1 XL Medium Demon level of Geometry Dash Lite. It was made by Serponge and is considered to be the Best Demon Megacollab in the Geometry Dash 2020 Awards. Unlike other versions, this game has many maps and multiple endings, so players can be engaged on the first try.