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Subway Surfers Marrakesh

About Subway Surfers Marrakesh

Engaging gameplay of Subway Surfers Marrakesh

Subway Surfers Marrakesh is the sixty-eighth edition of the Subway Surfer series with more exciting features. Visit Marrakesh City and join a thrilling chase.

An exciting adventure

On the world tour, Jake goes to Marrakesh. It is a chief city of Morocco which is famous for luxury places. While painting beautiful graffiti pictures on the trains in the subway in this city, Jake meets an inspector one more time. As a result, a new chase between an inspector and Jake starts. You must assist Jake in this chase. Your mission is to take control of the boy to overcome different obstacles by jumping, scrolling, or moving to the left or right. The dangers that you need to confront are barriers and trains in the subway. However, remember that the distance between Jake and the inspector will be shortened if the boy touches hazards along the way. If you control Jake to hit the crash into the obstacles, he will fall and get caught by the inspector. Therefore, you must guide him to dodge traps skillfully and be careful at all times. Riding the hoverboard is also a good way to run faster and further.

Collectible items

During the adventure, you can control the boy to collect many items. Here is a list of collectible items in the game.

  • Gold coins: These coins are scattered along the subway, so you can collect as many coins as possible.
  • Power-ups: If you want to run the furthest distance, it is necessary for you to collect power-ups. These power-ups are coin magnets, jetpacks, 2x Multiplier, super sneakers, and pogo sticks. The super sneakers help you to jump higher and further. Meanwhile, if you are equipped with a jetpack, you can fly in the sky.
  • Letters: Finally, you also need to gather letters along the subways because they are necessary items for the word hunt challenge.

How to control

Left-Right Arrow Keys = move left or right.

Up Arrow Key = jump over obstacles.

Down Arrow Key = scroll down.

Spacebar = surf the skateboard.

New things in Subway Surfers Marrakesh

New characters, outfits, and hoverboards

Like Slope Ball, the shop in this game also sells many characters. They are Brody, King, Tasha, Ninja, Tagbot, Lucy, Yutami, Tricky, and so on. Note that each character has different outfits and hoverboards. You can use your coins or keys to buy your favorite character, outfit, and hoverboard. In particular, unlike other previous versions, this game offers you a completely new character named Salma. This character is sold at a price of 95,000 coins. His outfit is Nomad Outfit which costs 15 keys. Moreover, the game introduces a new hoverboard called Cobra. Its price is 50,000 coins. Let's play the game and try this new character, outfit, and hoverboard.

Daily rewards

If you keep playing this game for 5 days, you will claim many daily rewards.

  • Day 1: On the first day, you will obtain a mysterious box that contains a power-up, coins, or keys.
  • Day 2: The reward for the second day is also a mysterious box.
  • Day 3: If you sign in to the game on the third day, you will receive 1050 coins.
  • Day 4: Keep playing the game for 4 days to claim 2100 coins.
  • Day 5: On the final day, you get a super mysterious box that contains more valuable rewards.