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Lands Of Blight

About Lands Of Blight

The gameplay of Lands Of Blight

Participate in an endless fight against monsters in Lands Of Blight. Run around the wide arena to defeat as many monsters as possible to earn experience.

Like Apple Knight, this game also takes you to thrilling battles with monsters. You must defeat monsters to protect your kingdom. However, the monsters are super crowded and you have no teammates. Therefore, you need to be careful when fighting with the monsters. Keep running while battling with monsters. Your objective is to kill as many monsters as possible to gain blue pearls. These blue pearls will help you to gain experience points and level up. Whenever you reach a higher level, you will become more powerful. However, the enemies will also become stronger and stronger.

In addition, you can use the coins you earn to buy more characters. They are Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Wizard, and Paladin.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the character to run around.

All boosters in Lands Of Blight

After leveling up, you are offered three boosters. You need to choose one of them to become more powerful before entering the more thrilling fight.

  • The Magnet: It helps you to pick up items from a far distance.
  • The sandals: It helps to increase your running speed by 5%.
  • The sword: If you choose it, you can fire one more projectile.
  • The arrow: You can use arrows to shoot down the nearest enemies.
  • The encyclopedia: If you choose it, you can gain more than 10% experience.
  • The bombs: You can throw bombs at your rivals to eliminate them.
  • The berserk: It will increase your damage ability by 10%.
  • The golden ring: It helps you earn more gold.
  • Rapid fire: It helps to reduce weapon cooldown by 10%
  • Shurikens: You can throw them at your rivals to defeat them.
  • Eagle Eye: It helps to increase the area of attacks by 10%.