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PALMONS: Open World

About PALMONS: Open World

Play as an adventurer to fight and collect Palmons in the survival game PALMONS: Open World. Explore a new world with many mysteries and interesting things.

Game developer BORNIS GameLab has invested all of its enthusiasm to create the extremely high-quality game PALMONS: Open World. Creates an opportunity for players to open up an extremely interesting new world, discovering mysteries in both day and night settings. Have access to many advanced weapons and valuable items as well as discover great treasures.

PALMONS: Open World is a game in the adventure genre. Players go on a mission to capture creatures, fight for survival, cut down trees, collect materials, and build sturdy houses to deal with enemies. Players need to protect themselves from the dangers that are always lurking.

Players need to collect items in chests and search and collect advanced weapons. This allows you to have an epic adventure during the day and save your life at night.

Nightfall is a new challenge for players because things become more tense and dangerous with magical creatures. Find every way to survive these terrifying nights.

Come to PALMONS: Open World to find food, find medicine to heal wounds, and learn how to survive in all circumstances.


  • Move: Use WASD keys.
  • Rolling: Use the Q key.
  • Attack: Use the left mouse button.
  • Aim and shoot: Use a combination of right and left mouse.
  • Zoom in/Zoom out: Scroll the mouse.
  • Jump: Use the spacebar.
  • Run: Use the Shift key.
  • Interact with objects: Use the E key.
  • Inventory: Use keys 1,2,3.
  • Warehouse menu: Use the Tab key.