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Slope Run

About Slope Run

The gameplay of Slope Run

Join a journey of a blue ball to find its memories in Slope Run now. Keep rolling forward and dodge obstacles to go to different planets in the universe.

This game will bring you an exciting adventure in which you will need to help the blue ball find its memories. Your destinations are all planets in the universe because the pieces of memory of the ball are scattered on these planets. You need to go to them to collect all the pieces of memory. The only way to traverse the planets is a space tunnel. This tunnel is super dangerous because it has many crumbling tiles and giant holes. You must jump or run in time to avoid crashing into these dangers. Note that your objective in the Adventure Mode is to reach the highest level while the Infinite Mode requires you to run as far as possible. Can you meet all your goals and get a high rank on the leaderboard? Besides, do not forget to try playing Pizza Tower which is also a thrilling adventure game on our website.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.

New updates of Slope Run

After being launched in 2022, this game attracted many players from all over the world. Therefore, with the aim of bringing a more exciting playing experience, the developer adds more features to this game. Here is the list of the latest updates of the game in 2023.

  • Coins: One new thing in this game is the coins. You can see many coins scattered along the space tunnel. You can gather as many coins as possible if you want.
  • Color tiles: Another interesting thing about this game is the color tiles. The developer added many color tiles along the tunnel. These tiles will make the color of the ball change when the ball rolls over them.
  • Speed tiles: Finally, the creator adds many speed tiles in the space tunnel. They are green and can decrease or increase the rolling speed of the ball.