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Geometry Dash Lite

About Geometry Dash Lite

Addicting gameplay of Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a new version that is available on the web browser. This game brings exciting adventures in which you need to overcome various dangers.

Join exciting adventures

If you are a thrill-seeker, you cannot ignore this lite version of Geometry Dash. This game is also an inspiration source for Slope Ball which is also an adventure game. This game will take you to different lands where many exciting things are awaiting you. To explore these lands, you must overcome many deadly obstacles. Are you brave enough to join the adventures? Play the game and let us see your dodging skills. To jump or fly over hazards along the way, you should click the left mouse button. Besides, remember that secret coins are collectible items. Therefore, you need to find and collect them. Each level will have three secret coins which are hidden anywhere on the map.

Complete all levels

All levels in this game are similar to the original versions. In this game, you also need to win 15 levels and each level has a distinct degree of difficulty. These levels are classified into 6 degrees of difficulty. Easy levels include Stereo Madness and Back On Track. Normal levels are Polargeist and Dry Out. Hard levels are Base After Base and Can't Let Go. Harder levels include Jumper, Time Machine, and Cycles. There are 6 insane levels including xStep, Clutterfunk, Theory of Everything, Electrodynamix, and Hexagon Force. There is only a demon level which is Clubstep. Let's play easy levels first and then try beating harder levels when you master all skills.

How to control


Click the left mouse button to jump.

Pres Z or X key to place the green gems to set checkpoints.


Tap the screen to jump.

Tap the button on the screen to set checkpoints.

Additional information about Geometry Dash Lite

The characters

In this game, you can change your appearance by unlocking new skins in the character shop. Actually, these characters are classified into 7 kinds which are cubes, balls, ships, UFOs, waves, robots, and spiders. These characters will be unlocked after you complete the levels or collect many secret coins or many stars. Moreover, you can customize the characters that you unlock. You can choose the colors in the color boards to change the color of your characters. Let's make your characters become unique and impressive.

Two game modes

One impressive feature of this adventure game is its game modes. Two game modes are designed for different kinds of players. For beginners, the Practice mode is the best choice because it allows them to practice the dodging skill and reflex. In this mode, the developer adds a new feature which is setting the checkpoints along the way. It means that you can use green gems to set checkpoints which help to save your progress. For skillful players, the Normal mode is a great choice because it is more challenging. In this mode, you have to return to the starting point after having an accident.