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The Backrooms

About The Backrooms

The playing rules of The Backrooms

The Backrooms is a challenging horror game that will take you to a maze. Try to find a way to escape from there before the monsters catch you.

Escape from the maze

Have you ever gotten lost in a maze? What will you do at this time? Of course, find a way to leave this maze as soon as possible. It is your mission in this game. However, remember that the maze in this game is more complex. You must run around it to find the exit door. The exit door is disguised as a wall. However, this wall is different from the other ones in the maze. The light near this wall flashes constantly. The meter will appear right after you find the exit door. You must stop the riddle in the meter to escape the nightmare as soon as it points to the heart.

Take caution with monsters

While finding the exit door of the maze, you should watch out for entities. They hide anywhere in the maze and attack you at any time. You will not when they appear, so you should stay alert at all times. Whenever you hear the noise, you should run as fast as possible. Try to be killed by entities in the maze.

Play this game now and let's see how long it takes you to get out of the maze. Remember to wear headphones to have the most immersive playing experience while playing this game. Besides, remember to try playing Slope Ball which is the most interesting game on our website.

How to control

Use the WASD keys to move.

Hold the W+Shift keys to run.

Use the mouse to control the camera.

Playable game modes in The Backrooms

Classic Mode

The first mode in this game is the Classic Mode. In this mode, you have 4 minutes to escape from the maze. Moreover, you can choose between four levels of difficulty when playing this game mode. The emergence of monsters will depend on the level of difficulty you choose. In the Easy level, the monster will appear after the time is over. Meanwhile, you can encounter monsters at any time if you choose the Hard or Medium levels. The Backroom level is the most challenging level.

Deaf Mode

The second game mode in this game is the Deaf Mode. In this mode, you will have more time to figure out the exit door. Specifically, you need to escape the maze within 10 minutes. One tip is to follow the roads that will not change when you look at them. Remember that the behavior of the monsters is unpredictable. You cannot see them. Therefore, be careful whenever you hear any noise. Like the Classic Mode, you can choose one of four levels of difficulty to play this game mode.

Free Mode

The final game mode in this game is the Free Mode. This game mode has no levels of difficulty and no time limit. Moreover, the maze is really safe because the monsters will not appear in this game mode. It is possible to say that it is the easiest game mode in this game. Therefore, feel free when playing this mode. You can spend all day finding the exit door of the maze.