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Boxing Random

About Boxing Random

Information about Boxing Random

Are you ready for thrilling boxing battles in Boxing Random? Hit your rival to make him fall off the boxing ring and try to gain 5 points first.

The playing guideline

In this game, you will become a professional boxer who will participate in exciting boxing battles with your friend or the CPU. In the boxing battle, you need to jump to approach your rival and knock out your rival. You will gain one point if your hand touches your rival. Moreover, on each side of the boxing ring, there is a boxing sandbag. Your enemy will earn one point if he can hit your boxing sandbag three times. Therefore, you also need to protect your boxing sandbag at all costs. Then, the boxing ring and your physical characteristics will change after you or your rival score one point. For example, you can have a long arm, which helps you hit your rival from a far distance. Or you can have a rocket punch, which helps you shoot down your opponent. Besides, many wooden boxes will be placed in the center of the boxing ring. You must jump over them to approach your rival. Your objective is to gain 5 points before your rival does that.

How to control


Press a W key to jump and hit your rival.


Press an up arrow key to jump and hit your rival.

Two game modes of Boxing Random

This sports game offers two game modes which are the 1-Player mode and the 2-Player mode. In the 1-Player mode, your rival in the boxing battles will be the CPU. In contrast, in the 2-Player mode, your opponent in the boxing battles will be another player. If you want to play the 2-Player mode, you have to invite your friend or relative to play with you. It is also an opportunity for you to prove that you are the best boxer. Besides, you can take a look at Doodle Champion Island Games which is also an interesting sports game on our website.