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Pizza Tower

About Pizza Tower

The gameplay of Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a thrilling adventure game in which you will explore a mysterious tower. Fight against bosses and Pizzaface to save the pizzeria of Peppino.

The levels

Like Slope Ball, this game also has many challenging levels. Specifically, the tower has 5 floors including Ancient, Water, Boulder, Horror, and Spooky Land floors. In each floor, you must complete 4 levels. In each level, you will control Peppino to run, jump, and roll to evade obstacles in the towers. Note that Peppino is able to run at a super fast speed. However, if you control the Noise to traverse the tower, you can activate the hoverboard to go faster. Do your best to find the exit door on each floor to move to the next one. Besides, you should gather food such as tomatoes, mushrooms, and vegetables because they will help you gain extra points. You need to get the highest possible score in each level.

Formidable bosses

Many bosses are waiting for you in the tower. They will hurt you and try to stop you, so you need to take caution with them. Here is the list of some strong bosses in the game.

  • The Vigilante: This cheese slime is the grandson of John E. Cheese who believes that Peppino is a criminal. If you want to defeat him, you must jump as high as possible to evade his cheese bullets.
  • Pepperman: The red Pepperman is able to dash and attack you. Jump to avoid hitting him.
  • Pizzahead: The Pizzaface will call this boss to fight against you after he is defeated. He holds a suitcase that contains everything. He will throw all items in the suitcase at you and then take out a gun. You can steal this gun to shoot down Pizzaface.
  • Pizzaface: This boss is your real enemy because he plans to destroy Peppino's pizzeria. This boss flies around and drops his subordinates. All you need to do is to throw his subordinates at him to eliminate this final boss.

How to control

Left-Right Arrow Keys = run to the left or right.

Z key = choose or jump.

X key = activate the skateboard and hit the wall.

Down Arrow Key = bow down.

Hold the Left or Right Arrow Key + Down Arrow Key to crawl.

Press an Up Arrow Key to enter the door or climb.

All achievements in Pizza Tower

  • The Critic: If you want to get this achievement, you have to take down Pepperman without getting hurt.
  • The Ugly: Attempt to kill the Vigilante without getting hurt to gain this achievement.
  • Denoise: You must knock out The Noise without getting hurt.
  • Faker: If you want to earn this achievement, try to eliminate Fake Peppino without getting hurt.
  • Face Off: To gain this achievement, you have to kill Pizzaface without getting hurt.
  • S Ranked #1: If you can get all S Ranks in World 1, this achievement is unlocked.
  • S Ranked #2: Try to gain all S Ranks in World 2 to unlock this achievement.
  • S Ranked #3: You have to get all S Ranks in World 3 to earn this achievement.