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About Astrodud

Astrodud is a game to win life by overcoming all the obstacles of the 3D arena. Defeat opponents from all over the world to reach the final destination.

Astrodud belongs to the genre of multiplayer online action games full of dangers and fierce competition from formidable opponents. To survive, you need to dodge, move flexibly, and skillfully avoid obstacles. The winner must be the fastest, strongest, and have the smartest strategy.

Besides just focusing on moving, you can block other players, push them down, get ahead, and become the first to reach the finish line.

Astrodud game brings us nearly 150 different customizations. This diversity creates great attraction for players to choose from. The differences and uniqueness in the 18 maps also create curiosity and attract players' exploration and discovery.

The world of Astrodud is a large space with fast-paced matches. AstroCoins are hidden everywhere, waiting for gamers to find and collect.

Are you confident enough and ready to enter the world of the game Astrodud? Let's conquer this fascinating game.

How to play

  • To navigate the astronaut: Use the WASD keys.
  • Move around: Use the E key.
  • Jump: Use the spacebar.
  • Look around: Move the mouse.