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Blumgi Slime

About Blumgi Slime

What is Blumgi Slime?

Join an exciting adventure with two cute slimes in Blumgi Slime. Jump over platforms to reach the finish line and attempt to win 30 challenging levels.

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also has two playable game modes. They are 1-Player mode and 2-Player mode. If you choose the 1-Player mode, you need to come to 30 worlds alone. In each world, you need to jump from one platform to another one to reach the finish line. If you choose the 2-Player mode, you can invite your friends to explore the world with you. You and your friend will compete with each other to reach the finish line. The one who can do that will become the winner. If you fall off the platforms, you will return to the starting platform and start the adventure again. Therefore, you should jump as high as possible and land on the platform safely. Keep in mind that the white platforms are really slippery.

This game was made by Blumgi that is a French game developer. It is available for playing on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, play it now and have fun while traversing different colorful worlds of cute slimes.

How to control

1-Player Mode

Hold the left mouse button to charge your power.

Release the left mouse button to jump.

2-Player Mode

PLAYER 1: Hold A key to charge your power.

Release A key to jump.


Hold an M key to charge your power

Release an M key to jump.