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Breakout Game

About Breakout Game

Accept the challenge to break all the blocks with one ball in the addictive Breakout Game. Be an expert with the technique to successfully destroy blocks.

With just a ball and a paddle, Breakout Game gives you the simplest yet extremely addictive controls with smart and engaging gameplay.

Based on the classic Atari Breakout, Breakout Game has its own characteristics of simple, fast-paced, suitable for all ages, and extremely good fast reflexes. Therefore, it has been received by players with all love and enthusiasm.

The goal of that game is to break all the blocks that appear on the screen. There are blocks with very solid textures that need constant hits from the ball. Players will have 3 lives, each time the paddle fails to catch the ball, it will lose one life. If you lose all 3 lives, the game will end. You have to play again from the beginning. There are many useful items in the blocks that can help you gain points or add lives. Try to conquer and explore it.

There are a few tips you need to know to win this game:

  • Concentrate on the movement of the ball.
  • Judge the direction of the ball to make accurate decisions.
  • Control the ball's movement angle.
  • Be calm, and determined, and do not rush.

How to play

Use the mouse.