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Crazy Balls 3D

About Crazy Balls 3D

Crazy Balls 3D is a high-speed ball racing game with opponents from all over the world. Conquer fierce races full of obstacles and finish in first place.

Crazy Balls 3D was officially released by game developer BeatClick Games in November 2023. It has been on the list of most loved and played speed games since its launch.

Crazy Balls 3D brings a feeling of excitement and excitement on the thorny racing tracks. Highly competitive when competing with competitors from all over the world.

Fierce racing tracks with competitors who are passionate about speed and racing like crazy. The goal is to knock down all obstacles on the track by rolling, jumping, and flying to pass other balls to become the first to reach the finish line.


  • Join the race to win and reach the finish line.
  • Score high and try to get the best ranking.
  • Avoid obstacles and react quickly. Maintain leading position.

Tips for playing

  • Choose your favorite and suitable ball for a perfect adventure.
  • Swipe to increase speed, the faster you swipe, the faster the ball rolls.
  • Master the art of flying.
  • Set your goals and surpass your competitors.

How to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys.