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Dadish 3

About Dadish 3

The playing guidelines of Dadish 3

Welcome to Dadish 3 which is the third edition of the Dadish series. This new version requires you to help the radish to rescue his kids in the soup factory.

The prologue

Like Slope Ball, this game also has an engaging story behind it. This game tells a story about a radish father and his 40 kids. The school of his kids organizes an outdoor activity. He wants to go with his kids, but the bus starts the engine before he gets on the bus. Therefore, he has to chase the bus. However, he finds one of his kids along the way. The kid says that the bus driver wants to take them to the vegetable soup factory. However, actually, there is an evil plan behind this outdoor activity. The driver is a henchman to Lord Karud who is a bad guy. He is asked to kidnap the radish father's kids to use them as ingredients for soup in the factory. Therefore, the radish father has to start a new adventure to save his kids.

Join a rescue plan

You will play as the radish father and run to the soup factory to save radish kids. During the adventure, you need to avoid crashing into deadly obstacles such as buzzsaws, spikes, and so on. Moreover, you also need to fight against enemies who are henchmen to Lord Karud. One tip is to find and use useful items to defeat enemies and dodge traps. In addition, Momato will become your partner during your trip. You must cooperate with her smoothly to overcome all dangers and save all your kids.

How to control

Use the Spacebar to jump.

Use the Spacebar two times to jump higher.

Use the A-D or Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Relevant information about Dadish 3

All maps

In this game, you need to traverse 5 maps to reach the soup factory. They are Gangalo Jungle, Polvuju Desert, Rubo Sewer, Haveno Port, and Marfundo Sea. On each map, you have to confront different bosses. The first map has no boss. Meanwhile, in the final map, your opponent will be Lord Karud. Moreover, each map has a distinct background and series of obstacles. Play the game and explore different lands now.

All Bosses

During the adventure, you will encounter 4 enemies who are really strong. Here is the list of bosses and strategies to defeat them.

  • Pizza Slice: This boss appears in the Polvuju Desert and is the fourth henchman to Lord Karud. It is able to shoot sausages at you to kill you. You can eliminate this enemy by pushing a box toward it.
  • Turtle Fact: In Rubo Sewer, you will meet this boss who is the third henchman to Lord Karud. You must watch out for its dropped giant bombs. Try to make the boss fall into the spike trap to eliminate him.
  • Brod: In Haveno Port, you need to battle with the second henchman to Lord Karud. They are Brods who will chase you. You must trap them to fall into the wastewater river.
  • Lord Kanrud: In Marfundo Sea, you will meet the final boss who is Lord Karud. This dolphin sits on a tank and drives it to shoot down you. To avoid his missiles, you must run and jump to evade them. You had better redirect them to make them shoot down Lord Karud.