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Doodle Champion Island Games

About Doodle Champion Island Games

Information about Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is a sports game made by Google in 2021. This game offers you seven sports competitions and an adventure on Champion Island.

Champion Island is famous for sports competitions and 7 sports champions. One day, the islanders on this island organize a festival. This festival attracts many people from other lands. Lucky, who is a feline athlete, also comes to this island to join the festival. On this island, he gets a chance to participate in different sports mini-games. You will play as Lucky and try to win all mini-games. Your objective is to become the champion of all sports competitions and restore balance to the island. Besides, try playing Slope Ball which is an interesting adventure game on our website.

The mini-games in Doodle Champion Island Games

Skateboarding challenge

You can go to Tanooki City on the island. In this city, you will meet Tanooki who is a skateboarding champion. Your mission is to join the skateboarding competition to defeat Tanooki. If you want to win this competition, you need to ride the skateboard to do tricks to gain the highest possible score. These tricks can be nose grabs, kickflips, barrel rolls, BS 180, FS 180, Headstand, and helicopter.

Artistic swimming challenge

Next, when you visit the Undersea Castle of Bridge Garden. you have to join the artistic swimming competition. Your rival is Princess Otohime and the turtle while Urashima Taro is your teammate. You and your rivals have to swim in the sea and dance. The arrow keys will move from the bottom to the top. You need to press the arrow keys in time to dance and gain many points. Note that you will gain 50 - 100 points if you press the arrow keys perfectly. If you fail, your score will be reduced by 5 points. When the music stops, the team who has more points will become the winner.

Archery Challenge

Archery competition is taking place in the North-West Docks. You have to participate in this competition and prove that you are the best archer. In the competition, you need to run to the left or right to shoot down as many targets and fans as possible to gain more points than Yoichi, who is an archery champion. Note that your score will reduce if you fail to shoot.

Climbing Challenge

The third sports competition is the climbing competition in which you have to confront Fukuro. Fukuro is the climbing champion, so he is really strong. He stands on the top of a torii gate. You must climb on the gate to reach Fukuro. Be careful! he will drop his silver ladle to make you fall off the gate.

Table tennis challenge

The table tennis competition is the first competition you will join. It takes place in the Bamboo Forest. In the table tennis contest, you have to pass the ball back to your opponent's side. If your rival cannot pass the ball back, you will gain one point. Contrarily, if you fail to pass the back, you will get one point. Do your best to gain three points first to become the victor. Note that you need to participate in three rounds to become the table tennis champion.

Rugby Challenge

If you come to Oni Island, you get a chance to join the rugby competition. In the rugby competition, you need to guide a team including Lucky, Momotaro, and his friends to defeat the Onis team. You must get the ball from your rivals and run to the green area. You must stay away from Onis if you want to lose.

Marathon challenge

In Marathon Beach, you can join the marathon competition. In this competition, you have to compete with Kijimuna. You must run as fast as possible to overtake Kijimuna. Try not to run off the racetrack if you do not want to slow down. In addition, you also need to evade crashing octopuses and crabs on the beach.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move or dance.

Use the spacebar for a power shot.