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About GoBattle.io

Engaging gameplay of GoBattle.io

Transform into a knight and participate in fights in GoBattle.io now. Traverse the lands and battle with bosses and other knights in the kingdom.

Choose between four game modes

At the start of the game, you need to choose one of four available game modes. In each game mode, you will transform into a brave knight and complete different missions.

  • Adventure Mode: Like the Story Mode in Apple Knight, this mode also requires you to travel to different lands and fight against mighty bosses.
  • King Mode: This mode requires you to fight against other knights and collect coins in the arena. If you are the richest knight, you will become the king of the kingdom.
  • Damage Ball: This mode will divide you and other players into two teams including a Dark team and a Light team. Two teams will join a soccer match in which you need to throw the ball into the opposite team's goal post. Because the ball is poisoned, you should pass it to your teammates after keeping it for minutes. Try to help your team win the soccer match.
  • Battle Royale: In this mode, you need to join a survival fight in which you must take down as many knights as possible.

How to control

Use the A-D or Left-Right Arrow Keys to move.

Use a W or Up Arrow Key to jump.

Use an S or Down Arrow Key to the knee.

Use the Spacebar to throw the knives.

Use E-R-T-Y-U to use weapons.

Use a V key to enter the door.

All dungeons in GoBattle.io

There are 7 types of dungeons. They are the castle, lava, forest, water, sky, cave, and snow dungeons. Each dungeon has a distinct danger. For example, the lava dungeon is full of lava and fireballs while the forest dungeon has many monsters. In the castle dungeon, you have to encounter spikes, saws, mace axe, lasers, lava, or water. Explore all dungeons and have fun!