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Haunted School

About Haunted School

The gameplay of Haunted School

Play Haunted School which is a frightening horror survival game. Try your best to solve all puzzles in the school to find undiscovered secrets.

All levels of difficulty

This game also has many levels of difficulty, which is identical to The Backrooms. There are 4 levels of difficulty including Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ghost.

  • Easy: If you choose an easy level, you will lose a little life. Moreover, many pieces of ammunition and medicines were scattered along the way.
  • Normal: If you choose a normal level, you will lose a little life. In addition, a few pieces of ammunition and medicines are scattered in the school
  • Hard: On the hard level, you will lose a lot of life after being attacked by Sarah. Moreover, there are a reasonable amount of ammunition and medicines scattered in the school.
  • Ghost: If you choose the ghost level, you will not meet Sarah anymore.

Find the secrets in the school

Like Baldi's Basics, the background of this game is also the school. Because all students and teachers come back home, you cannot find anyone here. Moreover, all lights in the school are turned off. Remember that many scary things are hidden in this darkness. Therefore, you need to be careful. Go around the school and find the secret behind the death of a demonic girl named Sarah. She can appear at any time and kill you. Try to solve puzzles and find useful tools which will protect you from the attack of Sarah.

How to control

Press the WASD or arrow keys to move.

Press an E key to pick up the item.

Press an R to reload.

Press a C to crouch.

Click the left-click to sprint.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press the G key to drop the item.

Press a 1 or 2 key to change the slot.

Press an ESC to pause.