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House Of Hazards

About House Of Hazards

Exciting facts about House Of Hazards

Challenge your dodging skills with House Of Hazards now. Evade all dangers in the house and accomplish all housework before your rivals do that.

Your missions

In the morning, you wake up and start to do your housework. First, you need to go to the kitchen to drink coffee. Then, you will go to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Next, you will go to the garden to water your carrots. After that, you have to grab the mail in the mailbox. Finally, you will return to your house. Note that you need to compete with other players to do housework. The first one who can complete all of them will become the winner. Moreover, you and your opponents will be chosen randomly to be punished. You need to spin the wheel to decide who is punished and what the player is punished.

How to control


Use the A-D keys to move left or right.

Use an S key to fire or crouch.

Use a W key to jump.


Use the J-L key to move left or right.

Use a K key to fire or crouch.

Use a Y key to jump.

All dangers in House Of Hazards

Like Pizza Tower, this game also requires you to evade many dangers. You need to encounter them in your house, garden, and garage.

  • In the house: You need to take caution with the ceiling light, the cupboard, the faucet, the toaster oven, the robot vacuum, and the remote controller.
  • In the garden: You should watch out for the teddy bear, the tussock, and the swing.
  • In the Garage: You need to be careful with the pitching machine, the skateboard, and the water pipe.

Although these dangers will hurt you, you can utilize them to trap your opponents. Try to make your rivals fall into these dangers to slow down their speed.