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Only Up: Grimace

About Only Up: Grimace

Only Up: Grimace is an adventurous adventure of the hero Grimace. With agile movement skills, explore a dangerous world with many deadly traps.

The world that Grimace must overcome is a place filled with lurking dangers. Monumental buildings with unimaginable heights. It is also a beautiful and modern world worthy of exploration.

With the goal of never giving up. The player must direct the Grimace character to perform quick and decisive actions such as jumping, avoiding obstacles, and moving from one object to another. Fly into the sky, explore the beautiful world, and reach the final finish line.

To upgrade Grimace's character, you need to unlock locations by collecting yellow stars. You will be truly surprised by the scenery in the places you have visited and always look forward to surprises in the next places.

Prepare yourself to enter the dangerous but exciting challenge in the game Only Up: Grimace. It's like an adventure in life. A great experience to do.

How to play

To move: Use WASD keys.

To jump: Use the spacebar.