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Santa Gets A Shotgun 2

About Santa Gets A Shotgun 2

Santa Gets A Shotgun 2 is a dramatic battle between Santa Claus and the mischievous snowman. With the goal of bringing a peaceful and warm Christmas.

Christmas is a very meaningful day, people always expect miracles that bring warmth, happiness, and peace. But in a small town where Santa Claus lives, the peace is threatened by mischievous snowmen. People here face a different Christmas, Santa Claus must fight to protect people's survival due to the mischief and cruel attacks of snowmen. Instead of carrying gift bags, Santa Claus must equip a shotgun to fight snowmen to ensure people's lives.

Santa Gets A Shotgun 2 offers 2 modes. Normal mode and massacre mode. Completing objectives in normal mode will allow players to unlock massacre mode.

Santa walks around the square, looking for and destroying snowmen. The snowman's attacks come in waves. It is necessary to observe and prepare the fighting spirit and be wary of the enemy.

Fight to survive and collect bonuses to upgrade Santa with new features.

How to play

  • Observation: Use the mouse.
  • Move: Use WASD keys.
  • Shoot: Use the left mouse button.
  • Jump: Use the spacebar.
  • Start the game: Press the enter key.