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Super Falling Fred

About Super Falling Fred

The playing instruction of Super Falling Fred

Join Super Falling Fred which is an exciting adventure game. Control Fred to fly to the left or right to evade obstacles and fall as deep as possible.

This game is a new version of the Fred series. In this version, Fred still is in trouble. He unexpectedly falls from the roof of a high building, so you need to help him avoid getting hurt after he lands. You must guide Fred to fly to the left or right to evade obstacles such as fans, trees, and so on. The safer he is, the deeper he can fall. Besides, you can collect coins and power-ups along the way.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to fly to the left or right.

The shop in Super Falling Fred

Various characters

Like Subway Surfers Marrakesh, the shop in this game sells many characters. There are a total of 11 characters sold in the shop. They are Ogama B.Ladder, Haward Sparks, Zombie Fred, Jamie Prince, Martin Castor, Outrageous B, Crash T. Dummy, M. Gandalfi, Mental Dude, and Emotika Diva. They have different prices. For example, you need to pay 120 coins to buy the character Haward Sparks while the character Zombie Fred costs only 75 coins. You must accumulate as many coins as possible to buy your favorite character in the shop.

Many power-ups and upgrades

In the shop, you can buy 4 power-ups.

  • Shield: You must pay 10 coins to get a shield. It will protect Fred from all damages.
  • Head Start: This power-up costs 15 coins. It helps to skip the first 250 meters of your fall.
  • Resurrect: The price of this power-up is 20 coins. You can revive and continue your fall if you use this power-up.
  • Lucky Charm: You need to pay 15 coins to get this power-up which increases the item spawning rate.