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Tanks Of The Galaxy

About Tanks Of The Galaxy

Become the legend of destroying obstacles and destroying tanks in the game Tanks Of The Galaxy. Dominate and be the winner in this thrilling battle.

A new universe opens before us with catastrophic tank battles that are Tanks Of The Galaxy. Players will be immersed in a new world with battles that are lethal yet engaging and addictive.

With the goal of becoming the ruler of the battlefield. Your goal is very clear that is to use heavy weapons to destroy the enemy. Tenaciously dodge their counterattacks. Destroy the tanks to free the galaxy. The battlefield is really chaotic but use the shield to hide and distract the enemy.

Enjoy the rewards of winning each battle. Those are extremely valuable coins. You will upgrade your battle tank with the most advanced weapons. Contribute to victories on harder levels.

Are you ready to be the ruler of the galaxy? Try your hand at Tanks Of The Galaxy and go on an adventure across the universe as a legendary tank commander in history.

How to play

  • Move= Use WASD keys.
  • Swap Weapons= Use Space.
  • Shoot= Left click.
  • Aim at enemies= Move mouse.