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Twin Shot 2: Good And Evil

About Twin Shot 2: Good And Evil

All game modes in Twin Shot 2: Good And Evil

Get ready for the fight between the angel and devil in Twin Shot 2: Good And Evil. Try to defeat the devil to protect paradise and earn many points.

This game has two game modes. You need to choose one of the game modes. Moreover, you can choose between 6 characters including an orange angel, a ghost angel, a shadow angel, a tiger angel, a statue angel, and a demon angel. What is your favorite character?

The Good Mode

The first mode in this game is The Good Mode. In this mode, you will become an angel whose mission is to protect paradise. One day, the devils from hell invade paradise. Therefore, you and your friends have to cooperate with each other to defeat the devils. Note that you can fly and use arrows and bow and attack your enemies. Try to stay away from the enemies if you do not want to lose your blood. In addition, if you want to become more powerful and eliminate more opponents, you should collect the power-ups. Try to win the battles and keep paradise safe.

The Evil Mode

The second mode in the game is The Evil Mode. In this mode, you and your friends will actively enter hell and attack the devils. At this time, you also need to kill devils to break their plan of invading paradise. Like the Good Mode, this mode also requires you to complete 50 challenging levels. Play the game and beat all levels in the shortest time. Besides, you can play Apple Knight to join more thrilling fights.

How to control


Use Arrow Keys to move.

Use the Spacebar to shoot.


Use WASD keys to move.

Use an F key to shoot