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12 MiniBattles

About 12 MiniBattles

What is 12 MiniBattles?

Welcome to 12 MiniBattles which is an interesting multiplayer arcade game. Take part in 12 challenges with your friends and try to gain 5 points first to win.

Shared Dreams Studios developed this game and released it in July 2017. It was made for players who want to have fun with their friends. You can invite your friends to join different challenges in the game with you now..

All mini-games in 12 MiniBattles

Like Doodle Champion Island Games, this game also has many mini-games. They will be chosen at random after you click the Play button. Here are some interesting mini-games.

  • Gangsters: In these mini-games, you and your friend will join a shootout on the roof of a high building. The guns will fall from the sky. You must grab the gun and use it to eliminate your rival.
  • Archerers: This mini-game requires you to aim accurately and shoot arrows at your rival to kill him and gain one point.
  • Fly: In this mini-game, you need to drive your aircraft to fly in the sky and collect ammo. After collecting ammo, you need to destroy the aircraft of your rival to gain one point.
  • Goal: In this mini-game, you need to control your character to kick the ball in the center of the soccer field. Try to make it roll into your opponent's goal post to gain one point.
  • Golf: Your mission in this mini-game is to hit the ball to make it fly into the hold in the center of the playing field.
  • Duel: In this mini-game, you need to shoot down your rival before he does that. When the needle reaches the green area, you must press the L or A key to shoot at your rival's head.

No matter which mini-games you will join, your ultimate goal is only to gain three points first to become the champion.

How to control


Press an A key to play


Press an L key to play