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Daily Dadish

About Daily Dadish

The gameplay of Daily Dadish

Are you ready for daily challenges in the new version named Daily Dadish? You need to travel to different lands and search for radish kids who get lost.

After the success of Dadish 3, Thomas K. Young developed a new version that offers daily challenges. In this game, all radish kids get into a bus and then get lost. Therefore, the radish father has to traverse different lands to find his kids. You will transform into the radish father and start the adventure. In the adventure, you will evade obstacles such as spikes, swinging balls, cannons, buzzsaws, and so on. Moreover, you also need to take caution with enemies who always want to stop you from finding your kids.

Unlike the previous versions, this game has daily levels. It means that you just need to beat a level in a day. If you want to play another one, you need to wait for the next day. Therefore, you should sign in and play this game every day to join exciting daily levels in the game.

How to control

Use the A-D keys or Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Use the Spacebar to jump.

Hold the Spacebar to jump higher.

Use a P key to choose costumes.

All bosses in Daily Dadish

In this new version, you will get a chance to encounter all bosses who appear in previous installments of the Dadish series. Here is the list of these bosses.

  • Churgurnular: This boss is a bucket containing two chicken legs. He will shoot his chicken legs at you, so you must be careful.
  • Sharon: This boss is a bucket containing fried potatoes. He will move to the left and right to attack you.
  • Maureen: This boss is an ice cream walking back and forth. She shoots giant balloons at you, but you can jump on these balloons to overcome the river or reach higher places.