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About Hexblade

Addicting gameplay of Hexblade

Hexblade invites you to join an exciting adventure in a dungeon. Try to find the deadly sword and take down all monsters and the Blademaster in the dungeon.

Your kingdom is in danger. The last hope of the kingdom is you who is a brave knight. You must enter the dungeon of the old Blademaster to find a deadly sword. This sword has a strong damage power. Therefore, you need to find it at all costs to protect your kingdom from invaders. However, the Blademaster does not want to give it to you easily. He challenges you to fight against four creatures in the dungeon and him. You must run around the dungeon to find these monsters and take down them. Jump as high as possible to avoid their attacks and attack them constantly.

How to control

Use Left-Right Arrow Keys to move to the left or right.

Use a Z key to jump.

Use an X key to attack.

All bosses in Hexblade

Like Dadish 3, this game also requires you to battle with mighty bosses. Here is the list of monsters in the game.

  • A giant knight: He is the first boss in the game. He is strong and holds a big sword.
  • A giant worm: This creature is the second boss in this game. It has three dots on its body. The fireballs will be launched from them. You must jump as high as possible to evade fireballs.
  • A giant alien: This creature is the third boss in the game. It is able to fly and summon lightning. Therefore, you must be careful with lightning.
  • A giant wolf: This wolf is red. It is able to shoot purple balls. Sometimes, it transforms into a buzzsaw and shoots spikes at you.
  • The Blademaster: He is the final boss in the game. He is able to fly and summon many swords. These swords with fly toward you constantly.