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Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

About Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

The guideline to win Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper

Play Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper to participate in an escape plan now. Attempt to escape from the kidnapper and search for Harry who is your friend.

Choose between four levels of difficulty

Like Haunted School, this game also has four levels of difficulty which are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ghost.

  • Easy: If you are a newbie, you should try an easy level first. If you choose it, you can escape from the kidnapper easily because his running speed reduces remarkably. Moreover, you can revive 5 times at this level of difficulty.
  • Normal: In the normal level, the running speed of the kidnapper will increase and you have only 3 lives.
  • Hard: In the hard level, you should be careful because the running speed of the kidnapper will increase and his seeing and hearing abilities are also really good. Moreover, you can revive only 2 times if you choose this difficulty.
  • Ghost: In this level of difficulty, you will play as a ghost, so your kidnapper cannot see you.

Join an escape plan

You will transform into Tom who lives in a small town. Recently, many kidnapping cases have happened in the town and many children have disappeared. Therefore, your mom and Harry's mom have joined the search team who find the disappeared children. She left a note on the door. She asks you to collect eggs and take them to Harry. Therefore, you must be quick to complete the assigned mission. Be careful as the kidnapper will suddenly appear and hit you. When waking up, you realize that you are in a locked room. Pick up the bricks to destroy the door of the room. Then, get out of the room and start your search for eggs. You need to go around the town to collect eggs. You can find and use the map to find the eggs faster. When all eggs are gathered, you should take them to Harry who is in the tree house. Finally, you must return to your house safely without getting caught by the kidnapper.

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How to control

Use WASD keys to move.

Use an F key to take action.

Use a C key to crouch.

Use the H key to open the hint menu.

Use an X key to leave the item.

Use a G key to throw an item

Use a P key to pause and skip cut scenes.