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Horror Tale 2: Samantha

About Horror Tale 2: Samantha

The playing guideline of Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Welcome to Horror Tale 2: Samantha which is the second installment of the Horror Tale series. Transform into Samantha and discover the secret of the kidnapper.

Escape from the prison of the kidnapper

This game is the sequel to Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper. This game will tell about kidnapped children. Specifically, you will transform into Samantha who is one of the kidnapped children. Now, you are imprisoned by the kidnapper, so your first mission is to leave this prison as soon as possible. Try to figure out the tunnel in the room to get out of the prison safely. Then, you also need to actively attack the kidnapper. Collect 20 statues and other items such as a rope, a lighter, a key, and so on. Then, hit the kidnapper and tie him up. After catching the kidnapper, you can start to save your friend named Tom from prison.

How to control


Use the WASD keys to move.

Use an F key to take action.

Use a C key to crouch.

Use the H key to open the hint menu.

Use an X key to leave the item.

Use a G key to throw an item

Use a P key to pause and skip cut scenes.


You can hold the joysticks and press buttons on the screen to play.

All levels of difficulty of Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Like The Backrooms, this game also allows you to choose between four levels of difficulty. They are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ghost, levels. In particular, if you choose the Ghost level, you will become invisible. Note that the more challenging the level is, the fewer lives you have. Therefore, you should watch out for the kidnapper at all times to avoid being killed. Choose your suitable level of difficulty and play this game now. It promises to bring thrilling and scary moments.