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Papa's Scooperia

About Papa's Scooperia

The principles of Papa's Scooperia

Join Papa's Scooperia to transform into a waiter or a waitress in an ice cream shop. Make tasty ice cream to satisfy difficult customers and earn many tips.

Like Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack, this game was also developed by Flipline Studios. As the 14th installment of the Papa Louie restaurant management series, this game brings you a new and engaging story and interesting gameplay. This game follows James who is visiting Onion Town. Unfortunately, one person scammed all his money, so James applied for the waiter position in the ice cream shop. You must learn to deal with all tasks in the shop. The ice cream shop has four stations.

  • Order Station: The Order Station is the place where you will take customers' orders, note down their orders, and collect their payments.
  • Dough Station: In the Dough Station, you will scoop a ball of dough and drop it into the mixable bin. There are many flavors of dough including a traditional cookie, a fudge cookie, a peanut butter cookie, a lemon crinkle cookie, a red velvet cookie, an oatmeal cookie, and so on.
  • Bake Station: In the Bake Station, you need to put cookies in the oven to bake them. Note that don't let the cookies be overcooked. Take them out when the time is over.
  • Build Station: In the Build Station, you can add sauces, fruits, and nuts that customers ordered.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

The shop in Papa's Scooperia

The shop in this game sells many items, which is similar to Papa's Wingeria. Specifically, you can use the coins you earn to buy furniture, posters, walls, and floors and use them to decorate the ice cream shop. In addition, you can buy new clothes and customize your characters. Finally, if you want to increase your productivity, you need to use the coins to buy boosters.