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Tower Defense

About Tower Defense

The gameplay of Tower Defense

Try playing Tower Defense and try to save your kingdom from monsters. Stop monsters by constructing defense towers along the way to your castle.

A hundred years ago, humans and monsters lived peacefully. The monsters inhabit the deep forest and the human lives in castles. However, one day, the monsters want to break this balance. The monster king and his monster army actively attack the castle of the human. As the best warrior of the kingdom, you need to protect your kingdom from these monsters now. Your mission is to build towers along the way to the castle. There are four kinds of towers you can build.

  • An arrow tower: This tower will constantly shoot arrows at monsters to eliminate them.
  • A cannon tower: This tower will throw spike balls at monsters to kill them.
  • A lightning tower: This tower will launch a lightning laser to stun as many monsters as possible.
  • An ice tower: You can build this tower to freeze monsters and make them slower.

Note that you need to confront many waves of monsters. After taking down a monster, you will earn a lot of coins. Do your best to earn as many coins as possible to build more powerful towers. Do not let the monsters approach your castle if you do not want to lose soon.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to build the towers.

Challenging levels in Tower Defense

Like Dadish 3, this game also has 17 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the stronger the monsters are. Therefore, you need to build towers strategically to defeat all monsters. Remember that the final level is super challenging because you will encounter the monster king in this level. If you can take down him and his army, your kingdom will be safe.